Ernst Spengler

Federal Psychotherapist ASP PhD Training Analyst/Supervisor CG Jung-Institute Zurich, Küsnacht

Psychotherapy Practice for Adults

(Federal Licence)

8032 Zürich 7
Streulistr 2 (near Römerhof square)

Tel +41 79 552 00 13

Home Address
8371 Busswil TG
Obere Schulstr 8

Tel +41 71 923 90 10


Training Analysis
Psychic Disturbances (15 years experience in a Psychiatric Clinic)
Developmental and Life Problems
Crisis and Conflict Management
Anxiety, Inhibition, Compulsion
Relationship, Love and Sexuality

Special Areas:

Depression, Aggression, Individuation
Dream Interpretation
Psychology of Religions
Philosophical Anthropolgy and Dynamics of Being